Tips for Using Gilders Paste

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Gilders Paste Paper
Create customized "paste paper" with the help of Gilders Paste supplies and techniques.
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Many Gilders Paste applications are uses you never would have thought of...
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Gilded Finish Jewelry
Learn the secrets of finishing jewelry quickly, easily, and with seamless finesse.
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Painting with Gilders Paste
Our baroque art Gilders Paste can be used for a variety of unique painting methods.
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Antique Metal Coloring
Antique metal coloring with Gilders Paste creates countless ways to utilize your artistic expertise.
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Gilders Paste Tips
Discover in depth tips for achieving the most artistic results possible with Gilders Paste.
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Featured Art Products
Orange - Large
Net 3.5 oz. (100ml by volume)
/ $16.50
Apricot - Large
Net 3.5 oz. (100ml by volume)
/ $16.50
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