How to Create a Gilded Finish on Jewelry

So you’ve created a vintage metal stamping and now you have – a drab metal stamping. By using GILDERS® paste wax, you can transform a metal stamp into a beautifully finished piece of jewelry.

  1. If the metal stamping is too smooth, the GILDERS® paste wax will not stick properly. Use steel wool or sand paper to add some great metal texturing (mechanical tooth).
  2. Choose your color! With 28 colors of GILDERS® paste wax, the possibilities are limitless. Some artist favorites include: African Bronze, Patina, and German Silver. Create your own custom hue by blending different pastes together.
  3. Use a small amount of turpentine or paint thinner to create the desired paste consistency.
  4. Using your fingers, a paint brush, or paper towel, apply the Gilders Paste to your metal jewelry.
  5. While the paste is still wet, blend or layer paste to create interesting color variations and highlights.
  6. Allow the GILDERS® paste wax to cure for 12 hours.
  7. Using a paper towel and small circular hand motions, lightly buff the cured surface to create a beautiful gilded finish with an elegant sheen.
  8. Seal the GILDERS® paste wax using renaissance wax, varnish, or acrylic sealer.

All it takes to make those fine artistic details stand out is a little GILDERS® paste wax . Shine on!