This molded wax candle of a water lily was etched by wiping paint thinner over the surface of the candle and being allowed to dry. GILDERS® paste wax was applied with a small brush and finger. Colors are Silver (first background), Pinotage (petals), African Bronze (leaves & stems) and Inca Gold (second background) and allowed 30 minutes to dry. Inca Gold was also used to highlight the petals by lightly brushing over the top of the Pinotage colored petals after drying time was complete.
Wax Medium Techniques

Use GILDERS® paste wax to Decorate and Bring Out Detail on Wax Candles Like Never Before!

By selecting high quality wax candles with no color, you can create the rich and decorative candles just like the high price candles found at fine candle shops.

A little GILDERS® paste wax goes a long way:

Small (30 ml) container cover over 30 sq.ft.
Large (100 ml) container covers over 100 sq.ft.


Contains FLAMMABLE solvent. Allow at least 24 hours drying time before lighting the candles. Waiting at least 24 hours will allow the solvent to dissipate and no longer be a ignition source.

GILDERS® paste wax can be used on a multitude of art applications, including wood, ceramic, metal, and gourd projects. Giving you the exact look you want with easy to apply wax mediums and baroque art supplies.

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