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Tips for Using Gilders Paste

  • Substrate surface should be dry and clean, free of dirt, oil, grease and scale.

  • Baroque Art Gilders Paste can be directly applied with your finger, sponge, paint - tooth - stencil brushes, cloth, rubber stamps etc.

  • All 24 colors can be thinned out to further extend, wash, stain or paint your project.

  • Blending Baroque Art Gilders Paste is as easy as mixing two or more colors to match and touch up existing color schemes or to create a custom color.

  • Drying time varies depending on materials, thickness of application and substrate, approximately 30 - 60 minutes to the touch on dry, low porosity, debris free surfaces.

  • Lightly buffing metallic colors, after 12 hours of drying, will produce a gilded finish.

  • Will accept an over coat, such as, clear lacquer, varnish, urethane, powder coating to achieve that uniform appearance where the Gilders Paste was not used or to provide further durability to areas where repeated handling is required, such as a door knob.

  • For very smooth surfaces, such as, gloss paint, plastic, ceramics and furniture, it is recommended to lightly abrade the surface with 0000 grade steel wool or fine sand paper or apply a recommended primer.

  • Layering substrates with a solid base color and then stenciling, sponging or wiping another color over base coat can produce unique affects and blends.

  • Rubbing base coat immediately after application with a dry cloth or slightly wet with thinner will remove Gilders Paste from the relief detail and highlight depressed details. Lightly brushing Gilder's Paste over the top will highlight the relief details.

  • Store above 55 F. Apply above 60 F.

  • If you left the top off and material becomes dry, add a little paint thinner or mineral spirits, mix, and you are ready to go. This exercise will give a long shelve life.
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