Use GILDERS® paste wax on Ridged Foam!

Foam Applications PasteOur longtime artist collaborator Eric Sprenger introduced GILDERS® paste wax to us ( 

We asked Eric to assist us in producing an architectural concept model. In consideration of the curved free form shapes we were asking him to create we choose to work with hand shaped extruded polystyrene foam. This was a working model and we tried many shapes before we could settle on the right one. 

Foam Artistic PasteGILDERS® paste wax was instrumental in developing a uniform texture and color that fully covered the XPS (expanded polystyrene) foam and gave it a pleasing appearance that was wonderfully tactile as well. We thank you for providing such a useful tool in our future work.

Kind Regards,

Joseph Cincotta


LineSync Architecture

14 Castle Hill Wilmington, VT 05363





GILDERS® paste wax is great for foam applications, but can also be applied to wood, ceramic, gourd, and metal art applications as well. Choose GILDERS® paste wax as your artist supplies and products provider!


Foam Application Art Supplies

Gilderspaste wax is Perfect for Decorating Foam Planters!


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