Find great wax based finishes by shopping Artist Supplies & Products GILDERS™ paste wax.

“Great for highlighting with color! This paste adds a fabulous hue to textured surfaces on metal. It has a nice smooth texture, and can be applied heavily or with a light touch.”

Jen - Carefree, AZ

“Patina GILDERS® paste wax is easy to use…adds color to deeper grooves in your texture processes such as letters and valleys in fold forming. Easy to apply with a paper towel and excess easy to remove. Washes off of skin with warm water and soap.”

Alli - Spartanburg, SC

“Lightweight, strong, sturdy case, versatile, works effectively…these waxes work well on all surfaces I have tried so far.”

Patty - Roselle, IL

“I regularly use GILDERS® paste wax to add accents to my polymer clay designs. It is incredibly easy to use, and a little goes a long way. It is also easy to apply glazes over it to seal it. I am slowly building my collection of various colors of GILDERS® paste wax !”

Lisa - Avon, CT

“I love GILDERS® paste wax , but up until now have only used the metals colors. I had no idea how great this color [German Silver] would work on bronze clay! I was able to salvage pieces that I thought were a loss just by adding this Patina. Wonderful product!”

S.B. - Princeton, NJ

“I love working with these pastes! I carve and paint real Ostrich eggs and use the different GILDERS® paste wax to enhance the shells – they are great to work with.”

Patrick - Hesperia, CA

“Buffs up nicely when dry and cured. Speedy delivery packaged well.”

B.C. - Northeast Connecticut

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